Facilities & Products




Grieving Room

Private and peaceful to farewell to your beloved pet.

Pet Grooming

We provide a thorough cleaning, disinfection and odor removal services for the departed pets.


Chapel are available for either Oriental or Western style funeral. This allow the pets owner to participate a quiet and dignified moment with beloved pet for a final farewell before cremation.

Mourning Hall

We are spacious halls for keeping urns, facing Rambler Channel. The hall are cleaned daily and opened year round.


Mourning Hall


Remains will be temporarily stored before the cremation date is chosen.

Pick up & Delivery Services

24 hours on service. As long as we get the call for assistance, free on-site pick-up service to families as well as through veterinary hospitals and clinics.



Porcelain – Standard Urn
Stone, Wood and glass – Customer order Urn


It is crafted in carton paper. The materials are friendly to the environment. The casket interior, color and size can be customized according to customer’s request.

Origami Product

Origami Product

Ritual Supplies

Laser Crystal Frames

You can select words which you’d like to put on top or bottom.

Specialized Jewelry

Designed to contain a small portion of pet’s hair, cremains in an internal chamber.